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When it comes to your child, nothing less than the highest standards will do. Thamesview provides a safe environment for your child to explore to their full potential. Thamesview follow the statutory requirements and fully implements the EYFS. Allowing every child to explore, learn and develop as an individual. Thamesview is a preschool that will take care of your child with care and commitment.


We accept FEET & OFFER 15 & 30 HOURS FUNDING 

Thamesview preschool aims to provide high-quality childcare and education to enhance all children in their development, happiness and individual needs during their early years.


Once the children have had their 3rd birthday they will move into the Butterfly group, the following term. We support the older group in preparing for school, focusing on pencil control, phonics, numbers, basic sums and high-frequency words.

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Thamesview believes in the importance to value all children as competent learners. Children learn best through playing, exploration of the world around them and their interactions with others. The EYFS  supports childrens curiousity to understand the world around them and helps them discover that learning is fun and interesting. Thamesview promotes and implements the 7 areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage. All children are observed to monitor their development, we use an online learning journal that families may access to see what their child has been doing at preschool.


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